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Packed full with nutrients from a daily serving of fruits and vegetables. We've removed the grass from the line up, and included 4 grams of fiber and a probiotic blend!

Without the Grass, all of the NÜtrients 

There seems to have been an explosion of greens and superfood mixes introduced to the supplement market! While we encourage you to try ours! The taste is really what it may come down to, or is it the ingredients you're most concerned with? 

Well, we have devised a listed of fruits and vegetables that are combined to provide a full dose of fruits and veggies, to include fiber and a probiotic blend, so no matter your choice of meals for the day, we have your nutrition covered. 

Remember, it is very important to understand, this will not correct a poor diet. Greens/superfoods are only perfect to help fill the gaps of the nutrients missing from an 'incomplete' meal plan. 

Ingredients Per Serving

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One scoop (serving) 12.9 grams - 30 servings per container

Calories                                    36.5
Fiber                                          4 grams
Probiotic Blend                      200 mg

Acai Berry Juice                     500 mg
Beet Root                                500 mg
Turmeric                                  500 mg
Green Tea                                500 mg
Organic Spirulina                    500 mg
Flaxseed                                  400 mg
Acacia Gum                            300 mg
Organic Chlorellra                  300 mg
Pineapple                                300 mg
Sweet Potato                          300 mg
Blueberry                                 200 mg
Broccoli                                   200 mg
Carrot                                      200 mg
Kale Leaf                                 200 mg
Organic Pomegranate          200 mg
Papaya                                    200 mg
Spinach                                  200 mg
Raspberry                              200 mg
Apple                                      120 mg
Parsley Leaf                           100 mg
Whole Tart Cherry                   10 mg